EGYSCALE - Services

    All high-quality wood used, we get it from the largest importers of wood in Egypt. It is dried, where the moisture content does not exceed 8%.

    90% of the paints used are imported from Italy from the Akzo Nobel company, and the American-made pigments are from the company (Min Wax).

    All wood fittings, whether in the manufacture of doors and stairs, are made by Vidia weapons. We buy them from Italy and Greece to ensure the highest quality in terms of assembly and welds.

    internal stairs
    Manufacturing and design is done according to the space available for the ladder, as it imposes a certain type of design. As for the quality of wood, it is often American oak because it is very solid and can withstand friction for many years. It is also of high quality in terms of technical specifications, and the sizes are raised after finishing the floors. The ladder consists of: the staircase - the staircase - the sides - the consulates - the baramek